GEKA Prosaw


500mm & 750mm

Throat Capacity



40 x 40mm  

Punching Power

Geka Hydracrop 220/300 S and SD Steelworker


  • Versatile.
  • Suitable for punching and shearing plates for the construction industry.
  • Dual Operation.
  • Five work stations.
  • Options available


Machine Type Steelworkers
Manufacturer Geka
Other Details
Flat Bar Shear 750 x 20mm  
Rectangular Notching
Angle Shear at 90
Angle Shear at 45
Solid Bar 60mm
Angle shearing power with standard blade (Without deformation)
Angle with optional blade (small deformation) 205 x 205 x 25mm
Punching Power 40 x 40mm
Angle Shear Tonnage
Triangular Notching
Throat Depth 500mm & 750mm

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Geka Hydracrop 220/300 S and SD

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