Case Studies

Over many years, Prosaw have supplied many hundreds of machines into a diverse customer base for a variety of applications.

Working closely with these customers, Prosaw have met their needs and introduced them to the GEKA range of hydraulic steelworkers.

PROSAW’s customers come from many sectors of industry including aerospace, oil & gas, power generation and forging. Working in partnership with these customers, Prosaw have built up a reputation for delivering the very best in sawing solutions.

Every step of the way - Fabricon Design

Fabricon Design saw the need to invest in a GEKA HYDRACROP 80S system from Prosaw to accurately cut steel flat bars to length for their stair lift production. This new Geka system allowed them to double their production capacity and resulted in cost savings.

Top Cropping - Saxon Fabrications Ltd

In order to upgrade the production capacity of their flat bar fittings, Prosaw has recently installed a Geka Alfa 500 Flat Punch and Shear line. Saxon Fabrication Ltd now enjoys the benefits of its new Geka flat punch and shear line supplied by Prosaw.

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