Throat Capacity




Punching Power

Geka C2PL 65 and C2PL 80 Steelworker


The C2PL product line enables processing of large volumes of angles in a fast and efficient way whilst opimizing costs.

The C2PL solves punching and shearing needs. The end product is obtained in a single process, already cut and punched thus increasing the productivity and effiency as well as reducing the costs.


  • Automatic loading system CNC controlled
  • Line PRO software - allows importing dxf & dstv files.

For more information about the Geka C2PL 65 and C2PL 80 automatic lines please contact our steelworker specialists on 01536 410999.


Machine Type Steelworkers
Manufacturer Geka
Other Details
Flat Bar Shear  
Rectangular Notching
Angle Shear at 90
Angle Shear at 45
Solid Bar
Angle shearing power with standard blade (Without deformation)
Angle with optional blade (small deformation)
Punching Power
Angle Shear Tonnage
Triangular Notching
Throat Depth

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Geka C2PL 65 and C2PL 80

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