130 mm

Throat Capacity




Punching Power

Geka PP - 50P Steelworker


The PP-50P portable punching machine has 50 tonnes of punching power with a throat of 130 mm.

P Model: includes a table with T grooves, recommended for use with autoguided dies and special tooling.


  • 23 Cycles per minute (20mm stoke)
  • Motor Power 3KW

Optional Equipment:

  • Oversize unit for punching diameters Ø 40 x 8mm


Machine Type Steelworkers
Manufacturer Geka
Other Details
Flat Bar Shear  
Rectangular Notching
Punching 27 x 13 mm  
Angle Shear at 90
Angle Shear at 45
Solid Bar
Angle shearing power with standard blade (Without deformation)
Angle with optional blade (small deformation)
Punching Power
Angle Shear Tonnage
Triangular Notching
Throat Depth 130 mm

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Geka PP - 50P

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