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GEKA Automatic Lines

Angle Processing

For clients requiring processing a large volume of angles in a fast and efficient way while optimising costs. Metallic structures constructions, steel working tasks, lattice towers constructions, pylons manufacturing and any other job requiring a large amount of angles are ideal applications for our CNC automatic lines.

GEKA Automatic Lines - flat bar processing and angle processing

Our aim is to solve the punching, marking and shearing needs in a full automatic way in a whole and single process. The end product is obtained in a single process, already cut, punched and marked, increasing the productivity and efficiency as well as reducing the costs which will allow you obtaining a competitive advantage.

Flat Bars Processing

ALFA range is designed for automatically punching, marking and shearing of flat bars Therefore, the final part is obtained in a whole and single process increasing the efficiency and erasing loss of time.

Geka Alfa 500

Automatic line for flat bar

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Geka Alfa 120/150

Automatic line for flat bar

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Geka C2PL 65 and C2PL 80

Geka automatic product line for processing angles by punching and shearing in a single process.

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Geka ALPS 150 and 160

Automatic line for processing angles and flat bar

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