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GEKA Steelworker Positioning Devices

PAXY range has a wide versatility and can be equipped with several options to customize the machine to each customer's needs. PAXY 1000/1500/2000 is a fully automatic solution to punch plates from 4 to 40 mm and up to 2000x750 mm size.

On the other hand, PAXY X plus range is designed to punch automatically long plates. This concept allows punching of material up to 18.000 mm length and 40 mm thickness.

Manual positioning limitations can be easily solved with SEMI PAXY, saving time and ensuring accuracy of positioning.

CNC GEKA solutions for automatic punching of plates, PAXY range, are designed for solving the needs of punching thick plates.

ALRS is an automatic feeding system for the shearing flat bars shearing station of GEKA's HYDRACROP models.

Geka ALRS 600 and ALRS 750

An automatic feeding system

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Geka Semi Paxy

This is a CNC plate positioning and punching system.

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Geka Paxy

The Paxy range offers CNC solutions for maximising productivity.

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